Archer Revenge



Archer Revenge is a game for Android that features mechanics similar to that of Angry Birds and other similar games however, instead of harming pigs, you’re freeing captured animals.

The story behind Archer Revenge is that The Monster Lord has spewed evil monsters all over the Kingdom and they’ve tied up the poor and defenseless animals, leaving it up to you to free them.

Using your bow and arrow to free Animals from their capture through 130 challenging levels, you take on the role of Robin-cat and are charged with freeing your citizens from evil. Read on to see what we thought of the game.

Tech Stack

  • Programming languages: C++
  • Frameworks/Engines: Cocos2dx
  • Tools: Xcode, Android Studio, Trello, Source Tree, Git
  • Platforms: Android, iOS


  • Built the game from scratch
  • Designed a stage builder tool for the game designer to help create game levels more easily
  • Investigated and fixed bugs